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Welcome to Protection Product Distributors

We are suppliers of superior protection products for the exterior and interior of your vehicular assets.
With options ranging from and including, Paint Protection Film (PPF), Ceramic coatings, Window tint film through to application tools we are here to help you get the Best Defence possible for your vehicles exterior and interior finishes.

Your Best Defence

The Best Defence against possible stone chipping of your vehicles paintwork along with protection from harmful UV rays, chemicals and industrial/natural fallout is by protecting with PPF or Paint Protection Film. This optically clear film is almost impossible to see so won't alter the way your vehicle looks in any way or form.
Paint Protection film (PPF Film) is available in clear gloss, clear matte or colours ranging from Black to Metallics with special looks like the Carbon weave also as a special option. In fact the options in Paint Protection Film are continually evolving, as the technology advances.
A variety of thicknesses in the clear gloss film is now also available from 5mil through to 12mil, enabling one too choose a more resilient film for higher impact areas if so desired. Keep in mind though, that the thicker the product, the less conformable it will be. Thicker PPF's are generally designed for protection of flatter panel areas.
One of the latest advancement's in Paint Protection Film is the top coat which has seen new technologies introduced like Tetrashield. This gives a high gloss hydrophobic finish that mimics the beauty of a Ceramic coating. PPF can of course have a separate Ceramic coating applied on top of the film which will boost the gloss and longevity of the PPF film in all conditions. The combination of the two is the pinnacle in Paint Protection for your vehicle and you'll see the benefits of the combined technologies for years to come.
You wouldn't go out into a harsh summer day without sunscreen or a winter's day without protection, would you?

So why would you not protect your vehicle, boat, furniture from the same harsh environments?

Protecting your interior

Window tint film can not only enhance your vehicles looks, but will also protect yourself and the interior of your vehicle with its heat and UV ray blocking performance. As a distributor of SunTek and VCP window films we are proud to be supplying some of the best window tint films to the auto and architectural industries.
Protection from the Sun's heat and UV rays is not only beneficial to the interior of your vehicle but to you yourself. Do not under estimate the damage that the Sun can cause, only to regret not protecting yourself and your vehicles interior later on. SunTek and VCP window tints come in a variety of heat, UV and VLT (Variable Light Transmission) specifications.
Along with window tints we also use SharpShield's liquid protection solutions such as LV Pro. LV Pro is brilliant for protecting all leather, plastic and vinyl from the damage of UV rays. Easy to apply this solution is one of the best available for not only protection, but also for not attracting dust once applied.
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