Paint Protection Film (PPF)

Paint Protection Film (PPF) is a clear coating which is applied on high-wear or damage-prone areas of vehicles. In some cases, the product is applied as an entire wrap to completely protect or enhance the vehicle.

We stock premium quality, ultra-conformable, top-coated SunTek® paint protection film from Eastman Chemical Company in the USA in high gloss and matte finish.

The SunTek® products offer breakthrough technology for paint protection that is far superior to any product previously used in the New Zealand market.

SunTek© provides:

  1. Invisible protection (high gloss only) from damage caused by stones, salt, insects and other road debris.
  2. A proprietary, self-healing top-coat formulation that is scratch and crack resistant with a high gloss or matte finish.
  3. Superior optical clarity.
  4. Excellent beading in wet weather.
  5. Easy installation and increased longevity.
  6. High UV protection ratings, making it the best product for New Zealand's harsh weather conditions.
  7. Five year manufacturer's warranty.

SunTek TruCut: Paint Protection and Window Film Cutting Software

We supply licenses and support for TruCut™  SunTek's breakthrough software and pattern database for paint protection film pattern creation and cutting, featuring:

  1. Quick and easy software installation.
  2. No nasty pay-per-download or product locking contracts. 
  3. Powerful design tools.
  4. Extensive library of precise vehicle patterns.
  5. Efficient and cost effective platform, designed to meet the demands of the paint protection film market.
Check the TruCut library to see the vast range of vehicles that this software has templates for. 

Contact us for software license details.

Product features:

Installation tips:

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